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“Life is short
(You need Python)”

-- Bruce Eckel
ANSI C++ Comitee member,
author of «Thinking in C++» and «Thinking in Java»

Python is a good programming language. It's readable, object, open source, loaded with tons of functions, extensible, scalable, interfacable with other languages, multiplatform (Dos, Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Linux, Solaris...). It's easy, fast and fun to learn. You can hack fully-functionnal programs rapidly. There are even RAD environments to construct complex graphical user interfaces (like Delphi or VB).
On the other hand, it's not as fast as compiled C.
You can freely download Python and its documentation at You will find plenty of very interesting links at (including links to french sites).


Here is a bunch of Python code snippets.

Python programs

A few quick & dirty Python programs.

Python + Windows + distutils + SWIG + gcc MinGW

How to create Python extensions in C/C++ under Windows without Microsoft Visual C++.


« It’s a highly adaptable (and scalable), full-featured, object-oriented programming language that’s suitable for a wide variety of jobs. It's stable and mature, has large and powerful standard libraries, and integrates extremely well with C, C++, or Java code, and COM objects. » -- O'Reilly (

« I feel Python was designed for the person who is actually doing the programming, to maximize their productivity. [...] When you have the experience of really being able to be as productive as possible, then you start to get pissed off at other languages. You think, "Gee, I've been wasting my time with these other languages." ». -- Bruce Eckel